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      Unit 1:Me and my class
        Lesson 1:Back to school
        Lesson 2:Many faces, one picture
        Lesson 3:Getting to know you!
        Lesson 4:Best friends
        Lesson5:Meet Ms. Liu
        Lesson 6:Jenny's week
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 2:My favourite school subject
        Lesson 7:Don't be late for class!
        Lesson 8:E-mails helps!
        Lesson 9:I don't want to miss geography!
        Lesson 10:Looking for Lisa
        Lesson 11:Lily learns about China!
        Lesson 12:Karen's hair stood up!
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 3:Families celebrate together
        Lesson 13:I love autumn
        Lesson 14:Happy memories
        Lesson 15:A present for Li Ming
        Lesson 16:Happy Thanksgiving!
        Lesson 17:Presents from Canada!
        Lesson 18:Li Ming's birthday
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 4:My neighbourhood
        Lesson 19:The best neighbourhood
        Lesson 20:No stopping!
        Lesson 21:Eat a donut and turn right
        Lesson 22:I like my neighbourhood
        Lesson 23:People in my neighbourhood
        Lesson 24:I need a map!
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 5:My future
        Lesson 25:I want to be a teacher!
        Lesson 26:What will I be?
        Lesson 27:What's your advice?
        Lesson 28:Rich or poor? It doesn't matter!
        Lesson 29:Our ambitions and dreams
        Lesson 30:A famous friend?
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 6:Go with transportation!
        Lesson 31:How do you travel?
        Lesson 32:Trains go faster!
        Lesson 33:Life on wheels
        Lesson 34:Flying donuts
        Lesson 35:Future transportation
        Lesson 36:Clean cars?
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 7:Enjoy your hobby
        Lesson 37:What's your hobby?
        Lesson 38:Hobbies are fun!
        Lesson 39:Danny's hobby
        Lesson 40:What's Paul's hobby?
        Lesson 40:Show and tell!
        Lesson 42:The new club
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 8:Celebrating me!
        Lesson 43:What makes you unique?
        Lesson 44:Georgia plays basketball
        Lesson 45:Be yourself!
        Lesson 46:My dream
        Lesson 47:I made it!
        Lesson 48:Li Ming's report
        Review:Unit Review
      Vocabulary and Structures