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      Unit 1:Spring is coming!
        Lesson 1:How's the weather?
        Lesson 2:It's getting warmer!
        Lesson 3:The sun is rising
        Lesson 4:The spring city
        Lesson5:Babysitting on a Spring Day
        Lesson 6:Stories about spring
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 2:Plant a plant!
        Lesson 7:Planting trees
        Lesson 8:Why are plants important?
        Lesson 9:Gardening with Mary
        Lesson 10:Make your garden grow!
        Lesson 11:Amazing plants
        Lesson 12:Danny's plant
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 3:Animals are our friends
        Lesson 13:Danny's big scare
        Lesson 14:Amazing animals
        Lesson 15:The zoo is open
        Lesson 16:The bear escaped!
        Lesson 17:Save the tigers
        Lesson 18:Friendship between animals
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 4:The internet connects us
        Lesson 19:How do you use the internet?
        Lesson 20:A computer helps!
        Lesson 21:Books or computers?
        Lesson 22:Travel on the internet
        Lesson 23:The internet - good or bad?
        Lesson 24:An E-mail to Grandpa
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 5:Buying and selling
        Lesson 25:Raising money
        Lesson 26:Cookies,please!
        Lesson 27:Business English
        Lesson 28:Mr. Liu's great idea
        Lesson 29:How to push a product
        Lesson 30:A cookie sale
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 6:Be a champion!
        Lesson 31:Don't fall,Danny!
        Lesson 32:My favourite record
        Lesson 33:2800 years of sports
        Lesson 34:Modern Olympics
        Lesson 35:The dream team
        Lesson 36:Classroom Olympics
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 7:Know our world
        Lesson 37:Let's learn geography!
        Lesson 38:The world is a big place
        Lesson 39:Ring up or call?
        Lesson 40:Body language
        Lesson 41:A class of the world
        Lesson 42:North America
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 8:Save our world
        Lesson 43:Let's clean up!
        Lesson 44:Environment clubs
        Lesson 45:Let's sort garbage!
        Lesson 46:Protect our environment
        Lesson 46:Connected to nature
        Lesson 48:Garbage is interesting!
        Review:Unit Review
      Vocabulary and Structures