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      Unit1 :Stay healthy
        Lesson 1:What's wrong, Danny?
        Lesson 2:A visit to the Dentist
        Lesson 3:Good food, good health
        Lesson 4:Don't smoke, please!
        Lesson 5:Jane's lucky life
        Lesson 6:Stay away from the hospital
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 2:Great people
        Lesson 7:What is the meaning of life?
        Lesson 8:A universe of thought
        Lesson 9:China's most famous 'farmer'
        Lesson 10:Touch the world
        Lesson 11:To China, with love
        Lesson 12:Guess my hero!
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 3:Safety
        Lesson 13:Be careful, Danny!
        Lesson 14:Accidents happen
        Lesson 15:My helmet saved my life!
        Lesson 16:How safe is your home?
        Lesson 17:Staying safe in an earthquake
        Lesson 18:Never catch a dinosaur
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 4:Stories and poems
        Lesson 19:A story or a poem?
        Lesson 20:Say it in five
        Lesson 21:The fable of the woodcutter
        Lesson 22:The Giant(II)
        Lesson 23:Writing a poem
        Lesson 24:Writing a poem
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 5:Look into science
        Lesson 25:Let's do an experiment!
        Lesson 26:Keep the candle burning
        Lesson 27:Planet Danny
        Lesson 28:The study of living things
        Lesson 29:DNA - The story of you
        Lesson 30:Science affects us
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 6:Movies and theatre
        Lesson 31:A movie or a play
        Lesson 32:Moving pictures
        Lesson 33:The Fisherman and the Goldfish(I)
        Lesson 34:The Fisherman and the Goldfish(II)
        Lesson 35:Theatres are fun!
        Lesson 36:Making plays is fun
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 7:Work for peace
        Lesson 37:Don't fight!
        Lesson 38:Making school a better place
        Lesson 39:The dove and the olive branch
        Lesson 40:The UN - The power of words
        Lesson 40:Jenny's good advice
        Lesson 42:Peace at last
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 8:Culture shapes us
        Lesson 43:A visit to Chinatown
        Lesson 44:Popular sayings
        Lesson 45:Different manners
        Lesson 46:Home to many cultures
        Lesson 47:Good manners
        Lesson 48:Supper with the Bradshaws
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 9:Communication
        Lesson 49:Get along with others
        Lesson 50:Tips for good communication
        Lesson 51:What could be a wrong?
        Lesson 52:The power of a smile
        Lesson 53:Working in groups
        Lesson 54:How embarrassing!
        Review:Unit Review
      Unit 10:Get ready for the future
        Lesson 55:Look into the future
        Lesson 56:Manage your time
        Lesson 57:Best wishes
        Lesson 58:Ms. Liu's speech
        Lesson 59:Keep your choices open
        Lesson 60:Get a good education
        Review:Unit Review
      Vocabulary and Structures